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Poker face rage face

After his popularity, before Bad Poker Face was ever made, He originally came from a meme that has the same appearance named "Poker Face" who had a plain, blank expression like he had.
French mauvais visage de poker, german schlecht pokerGesicht, spanish mala cara de póquer.
He was most likely inspired from the original meme named "Poker Face".There has been other counterparts besides the original version who does the same emotions, and since this meme was inspired and made after the original Poker Face meme, then therefore the Bad Poker Face meme should be a Counterpart as well.Not Okay Not Sure If Gusta Numb Guy Not Bad Michelle Rage Face Oh God horaire galerie geant casino valentine Why Oh God Guy Oh No Guy Oh S* Guy Oh Stop it, You Oh Sweet Jesus Ohhh, Yes Guy Okay Guy Okay Guy (Sad Shadow) Omega Trollface OMG Guy.Guy Hyper Troll I Am Determined I Lied I Know That Feel I'm Watching You If You Know What I Mean Impossibru Indeed I Regret Nothing I See What You Did There I Truthed It's Not Okay Le Monkey Face Lesquee Little Kid Face kitteh.Are You Serious Aww Yeah Baby Trollface Bad Poker Face Big Mouth High Broken Heart Guy Cat Lol Cat Gasp Cat Glare Cat Overload Cereal Guy Cereal Guy (Spitting) Cereal Guy (Squint) Challenge Accepted Challenged Considered Challenge Denied Challenge Failed Clever Girl Concentrated Guy Conflicting.Happy Guy Walking Guy Herp Derp Horror Rage Guy Computer Guy Huh?Expand 00:00 link.1.Theme nervous clueless awkward moment, bad Poker Face is an awkward, clueless counterpart of the orignal.Sometimes, this meme has been known to rage comics on some websites and some memes also show the same face titled "Bad Poker Face" on it, resembling as he is nervous or cluesless.Daily Lie Danny Trejo Dark Stare Guy Derpina Dog Duck Yeah Dude Come On Epic Win Guy Eternal Contempt Everything Went Better Than Expected Fap Guy Feel Like a Ninja Feel Like a Sir Guy Feel Like a Liege Freddie Mercury F* Yeah Forever Alone.Rage Comics, characters, actually Guy, are You Kidding Me?Affiliates, bad poker face, debut after 2010 (possibly after the original Poker Face Meme).Unlike the Original Poker Face, He didn't seem to be as popular than the original, but even though, he is the same person, so therefore, he may still be popular even if the meme is the same person but different emotion than the original.
Rainbow Face and, oh No Guy has.
Milk Guy My Brain Is Full Of F* Must Resist Guy Muy Elegante We Got a Bad* Over Here Never Alone NO Guy No Me Gusta No, Whyyyy?!

Unlike the original version, he appears in distress as he did something guilter than the original and appears to have himself to have an awkwards situation than any other rage comic characters.
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